Songs - in keys good for singing - with basic Uke chords

click on the title to go to a pdf of the song - & if the link doesn’t work yet please come back soon - these are gradually being added as time permits


2 Chord Songs:

F & C

    Swing Low< Sweet Chariot

    Pick a Bale of Cotton

    Skip to My Lou


    Fais Dodo

    The Wheels on the Bus

    Clementine (Found a Peanut)

    I  Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly

C & G

    Mary Had A Little Lamb

    ABC Jig

    The Window

    Eency Weency Spider

(NB: a bit low but it can sort of work.

  If you  have a capo use it!)

D minor & C

    What Shall We Do With a Drunken Sailor?

    Mary Mac

    My Paddle’s Keen and Bright

3-Chord Songs

C F & G

    Blowin’ in the Wind

    This Land is Your Land

    When I First Came to This Land

    Michael Row the Boat Ashore

    Oh Susanna

    In the Jungle

    Yellow Submarine

    Kum Bah Yah

   I am a Pizza  &  Je suis un Pizza

   The Mobile Goat

   Boogie Woogie Ghost

  Mama Don’t Allow

Dm, C & A7 (F)

    Greensleeves/What Child is This?

    Land of the Silver Birch

F B-flat and C (C7)

    Happy Birthday

    This Little Light of Mine

    Puff the Magic Dragon

    She’ll Be Comin’ Round the Mountain

    If You’re Happy and You Know It

    Tell My Ma When I Go Home

    Swing Low, All Night All Day,

    Good Night Ladies,

   The Song of the Irish Moss

F B-flat, C and Dm


    You Are My Sunshine

More than 3 chords

C D F & G

    The Titanic Song

    Gens du pays

    Over the Rainbow

C   A minor  F & G

    Octopus’ Garden

    I’m Yours

    Waltzing Matilda

C   D A minor  D minor E7 F & G  etc

    O Canada



   Rudolph the RNR

Global Music

Los pollitos

Mi gallo

acitrón de un fandango

La cucaracha